The Baptism of our Lord ~ Jan 12


The Baptism of Christ

Epiphany 2019

Psalm 29Isaiah 43:1-7Acts 8:14-17Luke 2:15-22

All four of the Gospels refer to the baptism of Jesus although John’s Gospel does so a little more obliquely. Not every event in Jesus’ life, like his birth, is recorded in every Gospel. Jesus’ baptism is one of those events important enough to be included in all four Gospel accounts. Based on this, we might conclude that the baptism of the Lord was as important as his crucifixion and resurrection.

His baptism does raise a question. Why Jesus? That is, why did Jesus submit to baptism? Submit is the correct word here. He is submitting himself to be baptized by his cousin in the Jordan River. A river, by the way, that is no crystal clear mountain stream. Not mention the fact that John the Baptist is not an official representative of the Temple. He is not a priest with the authority of the High Priest on his side. John his a wild and woolly prophet who’s been living in the wilderness. This is who Jesus submits himself to.

We’ll explore the reason for Jesus’ baptism in some detail this weekend. Until then, I encourage you to read and re-read the accounts of Jesus’ baptism and see what God might reveal to you about Jesus’ Lordship and our opportunity to follow. Here are those references: Jesus Baptism in the Gospels

Here is the collect for the second week of Epiphany, commemorating the baptism of Christ Jesus.

Father in heaven, who at the baptism of Jesus in the River
Jordan proclaimed him your beloved Son and anointed him
with the Holy Spirit: Grant that all who are baptized into his
Name may keep the covenant they have made, and boldly
confess him as Lord and Savior; who with you and the Holy
Spirit lives and reigns, one God, in glory everlasting. Amen.

Paul Hill