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01.27.17 Recovering Revelation, Week 3: Priest Kings At The Intersection (Paul Hill)

01.20.17  Recovering Revelation, Week 2: Christ In The Dark (Paul Hill)

01.13.17  Recovering Revelation, Week 1: We Admit That We Are Powerless (Over Our Interpreters) (Paul Hill)

10.07.17 … pour water on your own (Paul Hill)

09.30.17 … look at Jesus, you two!  (Paul Hill) 

09.23.17 More Generous Than We Want Them To Be (Paul Hill) 

09.09.17 A Quiet Center (Paul Hill)

09.02.17 The Street Cred of God (Nathan Hansen)

08.26.17 . . . awfully human (Paul Hill)

08.19.17 Falling On Our Necks (Paul Hill)

08.05.17 A Limp Not A Cape (Paul Hill)

07.29.17 Prayer Partners (Paul Hill)

07.22.17 How (Not) To Speak Of Hell (Jake Smith)

07.15.17 Snagged (Paul Hill)

07.08.17 Yoked (Paul Hill)

06.18.17 Amphibious Faith (Paul Hill)

06.11.17 Trinity Saturday ~ 2017 (Paul Hill)

05.27.17 Ascension: The King Enthroned (Nathan Hansen) 

05.20.17 Obedience: The Grain of the Universe (Paul Hill)

05.13.17 God Looks Like Jesus (Paul Hill) 

05.06.17 Impact Your World – Daren Busenitz of World Impact

04.22.17 Eastertide 1: We Are All Thomas Now (Paul Hill) 

04.08.17 Palm Sunday 2017: The King Is On The Move (Jake Smith) 

04.03.17 Lent: The Problem of Evil, Pt. 3 (Paul Hill) 

03.25.17 Lent: The Problem of Evil, Pt. 2  (Bob Mueller)

03.18.17 Lent: The Problem of Evil, Pt. 1

03.11.17 Lent: Conversion Therapy

03.04.17 Lent: A Living Paralipsis

02.25.17 The Sermon on the Mount: Civil War Bibles-Part 2

02.18.17 The Sermon on the Mount: Civil War Bibles-Part 1

02.11.17  The Sermon on the Mount: Circumcision of the Heart

02.04.17  The Sermon on the Mount: Leaning Back, Flying Forward

01.29.17  The Sermon on the Mount: Patient Resistance / Resistant Patience

12.10.16  Advent Talk: Hope

12.02.16   Advent Talk:  Stump

11.26.16   Advent Talk:  Patience 

11.19.16   A “FrankenSermon” on the 10 Commandments, Christ the King, and our recent election 

11.05.16   Connections: The Sabbath is Balaam’s Ass 

10.29.16   Connections: God’s Not in Space, He’s in Our Pots and Pans

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