Help Feed Kids

In spite of the title of this post I am quite opposed to the emotional manipulation that Christians often use to get money. So don’t consider the title of this post a manipulation. It is simply the description of a need. This weekend, we are going to have a special offering for the orphanage in…


Virginia Tech

Three days after the events at Virginia Tech I think it is important for us, far removed as we may be, to be in prayer for those that were lost, their families and our nation. Experiences like these always prompt questions of why? I wonder if understanding the why behind this tragedy would make any…


Pictures from Fedja


This is Pastor Nixon. He helps lead a church in Fedja and runs the orphanage. He is an exceptional young man.


These are some of the orphans in Fedja along with their young adult helpers. They received the Wheatland shoes the day after this picture was taken. They are great kids.

Haiti … Thursday the 12th

I hope we will be able to post some pictures and video today. Due to stormy weather and otherwise sketchy digital signal, via satellite, we haven’t been able to do as much as we had hoped. Since we are having a hard time giving you visual images I thought I might share a little bit…


More Pics from Fedja

Hello Wheatland (and those of you who frequent this blog), Riley here with a couple more pics. I have been over at the orphanage to see what great things are happening there. In the Fedja GVCM orphanage there are 37 children. The orphanage is currently run by Nixon ( see picture). I will tell you…


We are off!

Paul Riley and I will soon board a plane for Haiti via Houston and Ft. Lauderdale. Please be in prayer for us and for all of Wheatland as we discover ways we can participate in the mission Dei around the world. Also, please keep our families in your prayers as we travel. Have a blessed…