Samuel Joseph Howard

…has arrived! Mom and son are both doing well and will probably get to come home tomorrow. Thank God for a safe delivery and a healthy boy. Pray for the whole Howard clan as they rejoice over and adjust to their new addition.

Pictures will be available at Heath’s Blog.

Meet our Teams II: Weekend Team

The Weekend Team…AKA, “the staff” (l-r: Kelly Hayes, Kris Jittawait, Lara Riley, Paul Riley, Calana Hill, Paul, Michele Moser, Brad Moser, Leigh [soon to be Kasper], and Ty Kasper) Every weekend there are a lot of different things that have to happen to make our worship gathering and children’s time a success. Each weekend there…


Can’t Help It

When the airplanes tore into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 911 firemen, EMT’s and various rescue professionals raced to each of the scenes to help. They did this because it is their job. However, I am sure that if you asked those who went to help their response would be something similar to…



This Sunday is Pentecost. Last week was Ascension Day, this week is Pentecost, and next week is Trinity Sunday. As we prepare to enter ordinary time, we have a last image of Christ’s life expressed through his Ascension, the gift of the Holy Spirit and his presence in the Trinity. The following is a prayer…


little odd… (not me but WP)

Hey, the site is a little funky right now. I think WP might be doing some maintenance. The right hand column is collapsing in on itself and not all of the links are clicking. Keep checking to see if it works. I thought I would try some holy water.