Doubt and Faithfulness

This fascinating story about Mother Teresa has really stirred up interest. Things to learn from this? First, if you journal don’t just ask people to destroy what you have written after you die, destroy them yourself. Second, discipleship to Jesus is deeper, richer and more complicated than we can imagine. A question: What function does…


Children’s ministry meeting

We are having a children’s ministry meeting this Saturday, August 18, at 4:15 at the church.  We’ll be talking about some new ideas and plans for the fall, so please feel free to come and join in the discussion!  All input is encouraged! – Kelly

ye olde BLOGROLL

If anyone asks, “Do you have to have your own blog to be a part of Wheatland?” Please answer, “Of course not!” But, if you have keep a blog, and feel comfortable with your church friends peeking in on it, please let me know and I’ll add you to the BLOGROLL. On the right side…


Meet Our Nominees

Here is a little bit of information on our Board of Director Nominees: Heath Howard has been a part of the Wheatland Mission since 2006. He is married to Jenny (almost 9 years) and together they have three wonderful boys: Ethan, Jacob and Samuel. Heath attended Manhattan Christian College where he and Jenny met. Early…