This Week’s Readings … May 23

This week marks the celebration of the Ascension. Several different texts of Scripture speak about this event that was the final expression of Christ’s ministry on earth. It is not only an acknowledgment of Christ’s power over evil and death but it is deeply symbolic of his reign as Lord. He ruled from among and…


SOF: “Complete”

images-2freestyleroadtrip left a great comment the other day and then followed it up with a challenge, he has thrown down the gauntlet, when it comes to blog interaction/participation. So, let’s stir this up a little bit and talk about the use of the word “complete” in our statement of faith.

“…complete Word of God” is the phrase that fst has drawn attention to. He says:

To me, that word implies that God has already said everything that he needs to say and is no longer speaking. It is my belief that God speaks through any countless number of situations and circumstances, through nature, through each of our spirits…


Words for the Week … May 16

At both our Listening Party on Thursday night and our worship gathering on Saturday we will be reading/hearing from these passages. Let me encourage you to read and meditate upon these this week. May God bless you as you read and pray, pray and read. AMEN. Psalm • Psalm 67 Old Testament • Joel 2:21-27…


Listening Party #1: Report

Thursday night we had our first “Listening Party”. This was not only a prayer meeting but it was also a time to discuss our experiences of personal and spiritual growth. I am curious. What was it for you? What event or experience has had the greatest impact upon your spiritual life? What has happened to…


Statement of Faith

The last couple of weeks we have been reviewing our recently adopted statement of faith. For future reference, you may find this on the bar above or below.

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have about our Statement of Faith or share any observations. We will continue our discussion Saturday night and, in the mean time, you may share your thoughts in the comments below.

Our statement on Scripture and the Creed:


Words for the Week … May 2

Psalm • Psalm 100 Old Testament • Num 27:12-23 Gospel • John 10:22-30 New Testament • Acts 13:15-39 Now, into our third week after Easter, we will be exploring some ideas about Jesus from the Apostles’ Creed. The Creed has more to say about Jesus than God the Father or the Holy Spirit. We won’t…


Words for the Week + the CREED

Starting this Saturday night we will begin a brief series covering Wheatland’s statement of faith. While brief it is also rich and worth taking time to review in depth. For the next few weeks the our teaching time will not include the passages from the Lectionary. However, I am including them below for your own…


Words for the Week + Missional Stuff

We will celebrate the second weekend of Easter this Saturday night. Let me encourage you to read through these passages in anticipation of our time together. Remember, Christ is risen! This is just as true this coming week as last. Psalm • Psalm 111 Old Testament • Job 42:1-6 Gospel • John 20:19-31 New Testament…