Ordinary Time #2: – Readings

This weekend we began a new series entitled big story/big idea. Our goal through this series is to discover/rediscover the main story behind the Bible and with it discover the main idea found throughout the whole of Scripture. Of course the Bible is a big book. It consists of 66 books written over 1500 years…


Ordinary Time #1 – This Week’s Reading

With last week’s observance of Trinity Sunday (Sat.) we have moved from the portion of the church year that specifically celebrates Christ’s life and we are now in what is known as “Ordinary Time”. During this part of the year we still have appointed readings for each week which we will follow with varying degrees…


Readings for Trinity Sunday (Saturday)

Trinity Sunday (Saturday) is this weekend. As the name suggests this week is an opportunity to learn from, of and about God as Trinity. Knowing God as Father, Son and Spirit existing in a perfect relationship of selflessness and sacrifice has been an essential component of Christian theology. Even before the “doctrine” of the Trinity…


This Week’s Readings … May 23

This week marks the celebration of the Ascension. Several different texts of Scripture speak about this event that was the final expression of Christ’s ministry on earth. It is not only an acknowledgment of Christ’s power over evil and death but it is deeply symbolic of his reign as Lord. He ruled from among and…


SOF: “Complete”

images-2freestyleroadtrip left a great comment the other day and then followed it up with a challenge, he has thrown down the gauntlet, when it comes to blog interaction/participation. So, let’s stir this up a little bit and talk about the use of the word “complete” in our statement of faith.

“…complete Word of God” is the phrase that fst has drawn attention to. He says:

To me, that word implies that God has already said everything that he needs to say and is no longer speaking. It is my belief that God speaks through any countless number of situations and circumstances, through nature, through each of our spirits…


Words for the Week … May 16

At both our Listening Party on Thursday night and our worship gathering on Saturday we will be reading/hearing from these passages. Let me encourage you to read and meditate upon these this week. May God bless you as you read and pray, pray and read. AMEN. Psalm • Psalm 67 Old Testament • Joel 2:21-27…