Words for the Week: Feb 6

Old Testament • Judges 6:11-24 Gospel • Luke 5:1-11 New Testament • I Corinthians 15:1-11 Psalm • Psalm 85 The texts for this week include the earliest reference to the Resurrection of Christ. Recorded in the book of I Corinthians and quoted by the Apostle Paul to his readers, this reference to the resurrection reminds…


Epiphany Week 5: Readings

Psalm • Psalm 71 Old Testament • Jeremiah 1:4-10 Gospel • Luke 4:21-32 New Testament • I Corinthians 14:12-20 This is the 5th week of Epiphany. Of course this is is the time where we recognize and celebrate the inauguration of Christ’s ministry of proclaiming the Kingdom of God. May God bless you as you…


Epiphany #3: Words for the Week

I really enjoy reading Scripture according to the Common Lectionary. If you didn’t already know we are in Year C of the weekly readings for our worship service. (We were on Year C last year too. Re-reading it this year will get us back on track with the rest of the churches using the lectionary.)…


Letter from Yves … please pray, please give

Dear friends of GVCM;

BY now you may have heard and seen from the news the magnitude of the catastrophe that has turned Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti into rubbles. I thought I saw the last magnified power of destruction when three consecutive hurricanes swept through Haiti and left the small Caribbean nation with much of its vestige to pick up. This time I have felt something that I never felt before, something I will never forget; but something I hope to never experience again.


Epiphany #2: Weekly Readings

Psalm • Psalm 96  Old Testament • Isaiah 62:1-5 Gospel • John 2:1-11 New Testament • I Corinthians 12:1-11 Epiphany: i-ˈpi-fə-nē, an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure (Websters online dictionary) During the season of Epiphany it is important for us to keep two ideas in mind. First, let us remember that this is a season…


“by the roots”

“Grace digs sin up by the roots” – Karl Barth in The Epistle to the Romans This week we discussed some light fare in our Saturday night teaching time. Things like God’s wrath, the holiness of God, how sin impacts our lives and our desperate need for transformation. Spiritual transformation, according to Jesus and through…


Readings for the Week: Epiphany!

This weekend marks the arrival of Epiphany. This season of the Christian year marks the visit of the Magi when they presented their gifts to Jesus. It also celebrates the manifestation of the Gospel to the Gentiles and stands as a commemoration of the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. It is also a time of…


A Christmas Letter from Paul

Dear Wheatland Mission,

For those of you who were here, and can remember, the Wheatland Mission began its weekly times of worship four years ago this month. After meeting in homes and gathering for periodic times of worship we embarked on this journey the second week of Advent in 2005. Here are a few things about my life in 2005 that I find worth remembering:

  • we only had one teenage daughter
  • we lived in BelAire
  • Harrison had a hard time breathing that year (asthma), so did I (nerves)
  • we didn’t know if Wheatland would make it to Easter