Holy Week: Holy Saturday

After hearing Jesus quote from Psalm 22 it is likely that some of those witnessing the crucifixion, finished the Psalm in their own minds. Many pious Jews had large sections of the Psalter committed to memory. It is believed that many Jews, including Jesus, had the entire Psalter (150 Psalms) memorized. A tradition arose in…


Holy Week: Wednesday Readings

Psalm • Psalm 69:7-23 Old Testament • Isaiah 50:4-9 Gospel • John 13:21-35 New Testament • Hebrews 9:11-28 The stories of Jesus’ final week are both troubling and comforting. Troubling because of the betrayal, misunderstanding, and murder of the Messiah. Comforting, in part, because of the strength displayed by the Lord as he faced what…


Holy Week: Monday Readings

Remember to take time to read and reflect upon, even pray through, Psalm 22. This Psalm is both a lament and a shout of vindication by Jesus during his experience on the cross. Pay close attention to Christ’s cry of abandonment and make those words your own. Rather than disconnect from God over our disappointments…


Palm (Saturday)

Join us tonight for our Palm Saturday service. Trust me… K-State will win.

We’ll begin our procession of the palms outside underneath the canopy and march into the sanctuary. I hope to see you there!

Words for the Week – Palm Saturday

There are only two weeks left before Easter. This weekend we will celebrate Christ’s Triumphal entry, his ironic entrance into Jerusalem, a few days before his execution. Palm Sunday (Sat) marks the beginning of Holy Week which will culminate with our Passover Seder (on Friday the 2nd), Holy Saturday Service (Sat the 3rd), and Easter…


Drive Safely

Our worship time is on for tonight but be careful. Side streets will still be messy. Remember, Greenwich is closed going south. If you drive to Wheatland on Kellogg you will want to drive all the way to 127th St (past Lowes) and take a right. Take your first right on to Lincoln following it…